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The Jose Sarria Foundation is proud to partner with Atomic Threads to feature our foundation "pop up shop" and “mini museum”. One of the goals of the Foundation is to share the history of Jose Sarria with new generations of our community and we find Atomic Threads is uniquely positioned to assist us in doing just that. We thank the Atomic Threads family for rolling out the welcome mat to the LGBTQ+ community and to the Jose Sarria Foundation. #loveislove #fortheloveofmamajose


Who was Jose Sarria? He was a WW2 veteran, an out proud gay Latino, drag cabaret performer, political activist, the first out candidate for public office when he ran in 1961, founder of the Imperial Court System and restauranteur with his business partner Pierre Parker. They ran French themed cafes at the world’s fairs in Seattle, New York, Montreal, San Antonio, Spokane and Knoxville. He lived in Spokane for the year of the fair and the foundation is based here.
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We were over the moon excited to be interviewed for the November issue of Spokane Coeur d'Alene Living magazine! Be sure to give it a read in print or read it online by clicking/tapping the magazine cover below!

Spokane local band Buffalo Jones recently filmed their new music video in and around Atomic Threads Boutique featuring some of our regular customers, and we're pleased as punch to be able to share that video with you here! Take a peek at Buffalo Jones' new song and music video, Never Be Lonely from their new album Standing By.

Podcasts featuring Atomic Threads Boutique and Madam Stina Rae


Sylvie Dean


Sylvie Dean is a local author whose work has stolen our hearts! We're featuring her novels in our boutique, and we're working to bring her in for a reading/book signing in the near future. Here's a little bit about Sylvie:

In her mid-forties, Sylvie Dean was happily living her life as a marketing professional, wife, and mother of three in the Pacific Northwest. She was just minding her own damn business, following the rules society gave her, and feeling pretty good about kicking ass at being a responsible grown-up.

Then one night, after watching the AT&T series You, Me, Her - a fun but dysfunctional story about a polyamorous relationship - Sylvie turned to her husband and said, "Yeah . . . I don't think that's how poly works." With those words, and in that moment, their lives had changed forever.

Sylvie woke the next day with the main characters of More in her heart and head. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't make them go away. She realized it was her job to share their story with the world, so she gave up the fight and started to write.


Sylvie is now a full-time contemporary erotic romance writer of stories that will warm your heart, wet your panties, and make you look at love and relationships in a whole new light.

Read her Good Reads blog or check out her Instagram!

Fun: A MFF Polyamorous Love Story (More Trilogy)


"This is all very fun... But I am afraid we are playing with fire."


James and Amy are finally empty nesters after twenty years of marriage. With this new-found freedom comes the opportunity to explore their most forbidden fantasies. Heather is a quiet, independent woman, happy to be living alone after divorcing her chronic cheating, sex addict husband. After hearing some bad news and drinking a little too much tequila, Heather finds herself unable to resist the sexual advances of a married couple at the bar.The three collide in a perfect triangle of passion, playing out sexual scenarios that are even more erotic than their wildest dreams. When their one-night stand turns into so much more, difficult decisions have to be made.Is James and Amy’s relationship strong enough to include a third, or are they setting themselves up for disaster? Is Heather really falling for a couple or is she simply recreating dysfunctional patterns, believing she’s not worthy of being someone’s one and only.

Love: MFF Love Story (More Trilogy Book 2)


A romantic relationship between three people is not easy…

James, Amy and Heather can no longer deny their feelings and decide they have to give their relationship a try. It's not long before all their sexy fun becomes so much more.

In the second book of the More Trilogy, our happy throuple discover that falling in love comes with an abundance of obstacles including balance, jealousy, and compromise. If those were the only issues, it might work but when they add all the deception and lies necessary to keep their relationship a secret, they are forced to take a hard look at reality.

Will their love be strong enough to survive in a world filled with people who don’t understand?

We Support Our Community

Here at Atomic Threads, Inc., we value our community and its members and aim to embrace an inclusive, safe environment for all.


Our business is growing by leaps and bounds, and, in the coming days and weeks, this page will contain information about the services, events, and products we offer our community, as well as links to artists, performers, and entertainers of all types.


Our goal is to provide a safe environment for all people to be who they are, find their voice, and be accepted.

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